5 Tips for Running a Vegan Fast Food Chain

vegan fast food chain

Who would have thought we’d see a fast food chain for those who prefer vegan options? It may sound like an oxymoron at first, but they could become just as mainstream as the other options. Here’s the thing: your run-of-the-mill fast food brands may offer vegan or vegetarian options like the “Beyond Meat” stuff Burger King or KFC offers. But that’s about it.

Isn’t it time that you had more than just the limited options? Do you want to bring some kind of disruption to the fast food market? Guess what – this is your chance to do it. And it is the reason why we’ve put together this guide on tips for running a Vegan fast food chain restaurant.

Ready to find out what we suggest? Here’s a look at the following.

You can offer a diverse and appealing menu

Greens and Grains knows that by offering a vegan fast food chain option, you offer a menu that is diverse and appealing to many. You can be catering to vegans, vegetarians, or anyone who wants healthier options. We’ve got a burger wrap that features a veggie burger as its main ingredient.

We also offer “Chk’n” as a substitute for…well, chicken. If you are looking for the best alternatives to meat on the menu, Greens and Grains offers it. Potential franchisees could really reap the profitable rewards that come with offering high-quality choices that are fast, fresh, and friendly.

Offer high-quality ingredients

They say that speed can always end up resulting in low quality. Especially in a fast food situation. But nonetheless, you can turn that old adage up on its head. By doing this, you can provide high-quality ingredients that will make every bite tasty for your customers.

Greens and Grains offers high-quality that is fast. As a plant based franchise looking to make its mark, we want to leave people with a lasting impression. When people think about our name, they want high-quality to be one of the first things that pops up whenever they hear of Greens and Grains. Just like when people hear of “McDonald’s” they think of the “Big Mac”.

Get the idea? If there is one lasting impression you can leave for your customers, it’s the high-quality ingredients that will turn something they order into a favorite for years to come.

Provide convenience and easy accessibility

Remember when we mentioned earlier about limited choice? Well, here’s something that a vegan fast food chain can do – provide a convenient and easily accessible option. Think about it: it’s so easy to get a cheeseburger. Why can’t it be this easy to get a vegan-friendly wrap that is high in quality?

Sure, get one that is “close enough” at a gas station. But the quality might not be so great. Not to mention, it probably was made hours beforehand, meaning fresh is out of the question. As a franchisee of Greens and Grains, you provide the convenience of freshness every time.

People want something fresh and something they can get easily. Plus, you save them all kinds of time. Otherwise, it would be wasted searching high and low for something that would be in line with their vegetarian or vegan dietary restrictions. In short, a vegetarian franchise can step in and provide a seemingly underserved market.

It operates on the same framework in regards to fast food service. A customer orders, gets it quickly, and they’re out the door. The cycle continues. This is what vegans and vegetarians would love to have.

And this could be your chance. Becoming a Greens and Grains franchisee is an opportunity you might not want to pass up. Especially when you can profit from a market that has long been underserved. And those “big fast food companies” didn’t do enough to offer vegan friendly options…try as they did.

Build a strong brand identity

As a Greens and Grains franchisee, you can help solidify the brand name. By operating with the idea of fast, fresh, and friendly, it’s these three things that will really give the brand that positive reputation it wants to build. We have plenty of franchisees all over New Jersey that are doing their part to make sure vegans and vegetarians have a vegan franchise to go to for years to come.

If you’re looking to get started as a franchisee, plant-based licensing may be what you need to get started. Pretty soon, you can join the others to help create that positive brand identity.

A sustainable and eco-friendly choice

Finally, you are providing an option at a time when sustainability and eco-friendly options may be few and far between. We also live in a time where such things are becoming mainstream. You can make a difference by contributing to a better environment with your franchise. You can do this by minimizing waste using materials that are compostable or recyclable.

Your franchise may also be powered by energy-efficient appliances. Meaning they will use less energy to help reduce their carbon footprint. The contributions they make to the environment will be another opportunity to create a brand identity that will be strong for years to come.

Greens and Grains is more than just delicious vegan-friendly food. It’s about taking care of the planet that we are proud to call home. Who knew a fast food restaurant chain from New Jersey had the potential to make such a global impact?

Final Thoughts

Want to become a vegan fast food chain franchisee? Are you ready to take on the exciting challenge of building a profitable brand? No longer will those who desire vegan or vegetarian options feel left out in the cold by the “big fast food chains”. Burger King and KFC…you had your chance and you blew it.

Make that statement heard loud and clear by becoming a Greens and Grains franchisee. You can offer vegan and vegetarian dishes and nothing but that. Contact us today for more information on how you can run a vegan fast food chain and serve the market that should not longer feel underserved.

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