4 Reasons Why Vegan Catering is Perfect for Parties & Events

vegan catering

Planning parties and events can be a challenge. One of the hurdles that has to be cleared is regarding the catering aspect. The important thing to take note of is not everyone will be interested in enjoying what’s available to eat.

There are a few reasons for this. The major one is dietary restrictions – including those who adhere to a vegan diet and lifestyle. This guide will go over the top four reasons why vegan catering might be the best option for future parties and events.

Including others in your party or event is one thing. But you can take it a step further by offering food options that adhere to those who prefer to steer clear of animal-based products. So let’s waste no time and dive into the list down below.

You offer culinary diversity

One of the top reasons why vegan catering is so important is the diverse options you provide. When someone thinks about the word “vegan”, they think the dishes being offered are vegetables and nothing but that. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Plant-based catering services offer all kinds of excellent options that are more than just vegetable-based. These include but are not limited to burgers made from plant-based proteins or even desserts made from vegan-friendly ingredients. Instead of regular milk, alternatives like almond, rice, or even soy milk will be excellent for making delicious vegan desserts for your events.

With the inclusion of such options, no one will be left out in the cold when it comes to food. Sure, you can include the regular run-of-the mill meat and crackers or something similar. Yet, you can make your parties and events more inclusive by including vegan options so people can enjoy the foods they like while enjoying themselves (and the company of others).

Health conscious choices are never bad

Here’s the deal: when it comes to health conscious food choices, they’re not always bad options. If you think about it, we often question how good any food available to us is. The best vegan restaurants like Greens and Grains will always stand out amongst the boring options such as McDonalds, KFC, or even Panera Bread.

Sure, some of these big name mainstream restaurants may or may not have vegan options. Yet, there are all kinds of options on the menu that are not exactly health conscious. It’s always a good idea to have certain places that can be excellent alternatives to the “boring, same ol’ same ol’” options when it comes to eating out.

One thing to remember is that even if there are health conscious options available, you want to find one that stands out. At Greens and Grains, we believe in making sure you get what you want and fast. We do that without sacrificing quality.

People will say that speed will sacrifice quality. Our brand of vegan proves that won’t be the case. If you want health conscious options that will turn the entire fast food industry on its head, you better believe that Greens and Grains will be the first that come to mind.

Oh and before we forget – we do offer catering as well. Shameless plug? You be the judge.

It addresses ethical considerations

Vegan catering addresses the ethical considerations of those who choose to avoid using animal-based products. Providing such options at your party or event signals that you care about the dietary restrictions and personal values of others. If you are planning something where catering is part of the deal, it is important to get an assessment of who will be attending.

Once you have a good idea of who will be on the guest list, be sure to ask who has certain dietary restrictions. This also includes those who prefer vegan or vegetarian options. When you have confirmation of who has them, that will be a green light to go with catering that tends to those preferences.

Yes, planning is important. But taking it a step further and asking people their preferences or restrictions in terms of what they eat is essential. We do it with those who may have certain food allergies or cultural beliefs.

So why not do it for those who practice the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? Planning your event will take thinking a few moves ahead to ensure people who attend are included when it comes to their ethical considerations. Even better, you’ll have people wanting to come to more of your events or parties.

You contribute positively to the environment

We live in an age where environmental sustainability is important. With vegan catering, it will ensure that we fulfill our values of being eco-friendly. Animal-products are often considered one of the main contributors to environmental problems like water pollution, deforestation, and the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Those who adhere to a vegan diet and lifestyle understand that the environment is important. We cannot afford for it to suffer the brunt of damage any longer. You may be finding vegan food near you and notice that their operations are environmentally-friendly.

This can be due to the use of eco-friendly processes like avoiding the use of plastics. They may also operate on eco-friendly energy like solar power. By offering vegan catering at your events, you offer environmentally friendly options, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re making a difference in the world.

Final Thoughts

We hope these four reasons listed above are enough to help you decide whether vegan catering is best for your party or event. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of options available when it comes to what you offer for food. But you can be the real party hero by including those who prefer the vegan diet rather than leave them out.
If you are in search of a catering service and have an event or party coming up in New Jersey, Greens and Grains can help. Contact us today for more information regarding how we can cater your next get together.

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