3 Factors Behind the Rise of Plant Based Restaurants

plant based restaurants

We live in a time where many are not afraid to try out new alternatives to the “mainstream”. Especially when it comes to what we eat. The idea of foregoing animal-based foods is nothing new. Neither is the idea of people choosing to become vegetarians.

Over time, the idea of vegan and plant-based diets have decided to take hold. It’s been taking off like nothing else. Even to the point where restaurants strictly offering menu options have grown in popularity.

In this guide, we’ll go over the three major factors behind the rise of plant based restaurants. You’ll also see why Greens and Grains is aiming to become one of the most popular options in North Jersey, NJ. Let’s discuss some of these factors along with a peek of what could be the future of a growing trend that is here to stay.

The change in consumer preferences

To begin, let’s discuss the preferences of consumers. Over the years, there appears to be a noticeable shift in the way people are looking to eat. Even to the point where many popular subscription-based meal services have included more veggie-based options in the meal kits that they offer.

But that goes well beyond the usual “eat at home” setting. There is a demand that exists where vegan, vegetarian, and plant based options meet a concept that is typical with the fast food industry. That is making sure they get that same fast and friendly service but with such food options.

Already, Burger King has already offered this in regards to their flagship Whopper, nuggets, and other relevant options. Nevertheless, many popular food brands such as Ben and Jerry’s have launched options for those who prefer either dairy or non-dairy. While it remains to be seen how many more people may jump on the plant-based trend, the trends are looking good.

If you’re someone that wants to try plant based fast food near you, Greens and Grains could be the place to go. After all, they aim to make sure whatever you order fits your dietary restrictions and preferences without sacrificing quality or messing things up. Another thing that consumers want is to pay a reasonable price for healthy eating.

Greens and Grains makes sure that you are able to. Because let’s face it, no one wants to pay a lot of money just for the sake of eating healthy. Go to any local grocery store and you’ll see the price of healthier options versus the foods that are not so healthy.

Is it really cheap to get a cheeseburger compared to a veggie burger? You may not be surprised at the price difference. It is for this reason that consumers are looking to pay less for eating healthy (and also making sure it is the best in quality).

There are plenty of innovative options

With new diet trends on the rise, there’s bound to be innovative dishes that can be put together to make the perfect dish. Especially when you want to take one dish that typically has meat and other non-vegan ingredients and provide it with a mix of different substitutes. It can be done (and it has been).

We are also beginning to see innovative alternatives to soy, fats, and even plant-based versions of typical foods such as cheese. For example, Kraft has introduced its line of “Not Cheese”, its plant based alternative to the dairy food – which are available in American, Provolone, and Cheddar.

Sure enough, other major brands will follow suit with different foods in the not so distant future. These alternatives to mainstream foods just might be making an appearance at events where plant based catering is being served. You may notice that the cheese you may be eating with your crackers may not be actual cheese at all.

But that’s OK if you’re into that sort of thing. After all, Greens and Grains is already ahead of the game. For example, we serve all kinds of different dishes that include plant-based cheese such as our Vegan Cheezecake, Vegan Cheesesteak, and a Meatball Parm Sub with “cheez whiz”.

And that’s just a sample list of what is offered at one of the best plant based restaurants in North Jersey. So if you’re looking for excellent options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and yes…even dessert, you’re going to love what Greens and Grains offers.

It’s not just the restaurants that are gaining traction

Not far from North Jersey is New York City, where you can find a food truck on almost every corner in every borough (especially Queens). But you probably don’t have to travel all the way out there to get something good to eat – even from a plant based food truck. The great thing about these eateries on wheels is that they are available in convenient locations.

That’s because they serve food on-the-go and only that. Now, Greens and Grains does provide a similar concept with its approach to limited seating. The concept of course is to make sure that things are flowing smoothly and no one has to wait a long time to get what they want to eat.

Think about it – when was the last time you waited at a restaurant for what seems like an eternity? At Greens and Grains, we try our best to ensure that never happens at our locations. We provide you with fast, fresh, and friendly – even if we’re not really a food truck.


Plant based restaurants are going in one direction – an upward trend. It’s changing the way food is being served and consumed. Even better, Greens and Grains is setting the benchmark in what the best plant based restaurants should be – offering fresh dish options in a timely manner and at affordable prices.

Yes, there are plenty of plant-based options in North Jersey. However, we want to stand out a little different than the rest. Give Greens and Grains a try and you might have found the perfect go-to place.

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