6 Reasons to Choose Greens and Grains for Vegetarian Catering in NJ

vegetarian catering nj

With so many options for catering, it can be quite a challenge. Planning an event may also be tough since you’re not sure of who is coming, what their dietary restrictions are, and so much more. However, there is one catering option in particular worth considering. Vegetarian catering in NJ is always an excellent option for those who adhere to the vegetarian dietary restrictions.

Greens and Grains is one place to offer this service. And we’ll be more than happy to offer a food option at your next event. Let’s dive right in and talk about the six reasons why choosing use makes a lot of sense.

Diverse menu options

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t kick off this list with the diverse menu options. From our wide variety of pita sandwiches to delicious wraps and everything in between, we’ve got something for those who love vegetarian or vegan options. You don’t have to adhere to those diets to try out some of these tasty dishes.

Best of all, we offer these via our food truck. If you are looking for one of the most flexible and convenient options for catering in NJ, Greens and Grains will be there. We’ll be quick to set up and tear down. Oh and we will be more than happy to put together some of the best dishes your attendees will enjoy.

The offering of health-conscious choices

Health and wellness is often something we take seriously. And as part of that, we make sure that we eat healthy as well. The good news is Greens and Grains offers healthier options compared to anything else that might be offered for catering options. Once again, you don’t have to adhere to vegetarian or vegan diet restrictions.

If you want healthier options, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be surprised by how great some of these dishes taste. Even those who are avid meat eaters love what we have to offer for healthy options. Sure, we won’t please everyone including many devout meat eaters who would find vegetarian or vegan “disgusting”.

But as the old saying goes, “don’t knock it until you try it”. Who knows – perhaps the healthy options you choose might be something you cannot resist.

You’re offering inclusion for your guests

Here’s the thing: some people may attend an event and find the catering options not as accommodating. Meaning they may be limited to veggie platters or even nothing at all. For those who adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet, it will make them feel left out. That’s the last thing you ever want to do for your guests who attend your events.

By including Greens and Grains as part of your catering plans, you ensure that those who want vegan or vegetarian options that they are part of the event. Inclusion matters when it comes to what you offer for food options. Besides, who wouldn’t want to go through an event without something tasty – especially when it fits their restrictions and preferences diet wise?

Greens and Grains can go places

Whether your event is in Newark, Trenton, or Cape May – Greens and Grains will gladly show up. We’ll take our food truck and set up shop wherever your event may be. After all, New Jersey isn’t a big state. If you want convenient catering in NJ that will travel – you’ve got us as one of your best options.
Greens and Grains also has several locations throughout the Garden State. Oh and we’re actually in Philadelphia as well at Citizens Bank Park (Go Phillies!). But we digress. We can be at your event in New Jersey upon your request.

All you need to do is contact us and we’ll put together a plan to get there. Thank goodness we have a food truck.

We offer fresh, high-quality dishes you’ll enjoy

You and your event guests will enjoy foods that are high in quality and freshly made. We also make them fairly quickly as well – the only way Greens and Grains knows how. Just because we make them fast, doesn’t mean it’ll be low-quality (unlike what you see in typical fast food joints). There’s a lot of people who won’t want to stand in line for a long time for good tasty food anyway.

We put plenty of attention on the high quality while working quickly to serve others. High-quality that’s fast and friendly? Nobody might not do it any better than Greens and Grains.

We are a budget friendly option

Catering options may be costly or even high for your budgets and expectations. Thus, it’s always a good idea to consider cost-effective options without sacrificing quality – especially when it comes to the food quality itself. Greens and Grains proudly offers their catering services at prices that are budget friendly for your event.

You could be working with a small budget and looking to have limited options. We won’t charge you an arm and a leg – but we won’t be dirt cheap either. We are the best catering option you can afford based on food quality, service with a smile, and a whole lot more. Did we mention that our catering services are via a food truck?

That’s way more cost-effective than some big catering setup that can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Why spend that much for that?

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for catering options that will be a hit at your event? We hope these six reasons above are enough to give Greens and Grains the consideration of choice. With plenty of delicious dish options, we know it will be popular amongst those who are looking for something healthy. And don’t forget that you’ll also do many of your guests who are vegetarian and vegan a favor.

Ready to see what Greens and Grains can do for your catering needs? Don’t wait – contact us today and we’ll make sure that your next event will have tasty, healthy food people will love.

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